14 Family Dates Ideas For Valentine's!

Valentine's day is for lovers, yes, but I like to think it's for those you love. And who do you love like your children. So if you can't find a sitter on valentines or want to do something with the kids before or after Valentine's day we came up with a list of things to do. Here's some cute ideas to do as a family or a mommy/daddy & me date.

1. Have A Photoshoot!

Find a nice location like a local park, beach, or even in your own backyard and have a photoshoot. If you can book a photographer it would be great but we think it would be more fun to set it yourselves. You could dress in matching outfits, bring props, or wear silly hats. Just make it memorable and let everyone get input.

2. Visit A You-Pick Farm.

valentines flower picking

If there is one near by, see if the local You-Pick Farm has flowers for you and your family go gather yourselves. Challenge each other to make bouquets for one another.

3. Bake Cookies Together!

This is more of a stay in activity. You can make it Valentine's themed by making heart shaped cookies with pink icing or just regular chocolate chip. It still is a special activity to do together.

4. Create An Open-Ended Art Activity Together.

Do an art project with the kiddos that doesn't have a specific idea in mind. You can do a project that entails you choosing Valentine's themed colors and paint with unconventional objects like bottle caps, string, or feathers.

5. Set The Table Up For A Nice Dinner.

Lay out the table cloth. Break out the nice dinnerware. Learn how to place your silverware and have a fancy dinner at home. Put candles and centerpieces out. The family can even dress up and serve the dinner in courses.

6. Dress up Mom/Dad or Both.

This could be the activity itself or if the parents are brave enough, it could be what the family does before an outing. Ask the children to pick items for the parents to wear head to toe.

7. Bake A Heart-Shaped Cake.

Heart-shaped cake pans should be easy to find this time of year. Make a box cake or from scratch, decorate with frosting, sprinkles, or whatever the family likes.

8. Have A Picnic.

Weather permitting, picnics are so fun and relaxing. It's low expectation and a good reason to get out in nature. You can set it up in your backyard or a park.

9. Make And Play A Charades Game.

Have each family member write down a few things that love on pieces of paper and throw them in bowl or hat. Have each person pick a piece out and act them out.

10. Go On A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt.

Compile a list Valentine's themed things and tick them off the list as family members find them. Build in some places to stop and enjoy.

11. Stop & Eat At The Local Bakery.

Support Local and Grab Everyone's Favorite Slice of Cake. It's a comfortable and casual experience to eat in a smaller establishment.

12. Shopping Trip (with a budget of $5 each)

Assign a person to each family member and buy something for each other and explain why it's special.

13. Put Love-grams together.

This is a good way to teach the kids about giving. The family can work together to gather cookies, candy, and nice notes for those you all care about.

14. Dinner And A Movie.

I love this idea because it has lots of possibilities. This can be a stay-in date with the family's favorite movie and takeout or a going-out activity with a nice sit down restaurant and a trip to the movie theater.

There are a million ways to spend time together and show each other that you love one another.

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