We'd Like To Introduce Ourselves!

Okay more like RE-Introduce ourselves.

The Teaching Force - Early Education Central!

We’ve may have known us to be a child care company in the past, but now we have expanded to be a early education resource; A place where you can get parenting questions answered, get educational toys & material that you know will support your little ones learning, and educate anyone who wants to know about caring and educating young children.

What's Changed With Us?

First of all, We've changed our look!

Besides that we also now offer:

Educational Tools - including digital workbooks, learning toys & material for infant to school-age kids

Child Care Consulting - Speak to a Child Care professional who can guide you through parenting questions or assist you in your search for the right nanny or daycare.

And our shiny new...

Blog - the heart of our education central will be our blog! A source for education, current news, reviews, and more to do with early education and care.

Go On, Take A Look, & Explore What's New!

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