Teach Your Two-Year-Old How to Write!

Updated: Feb 5

By Kasha Allegra

How to teach your two-year-old how to write. I'm not talking about full sentences hear, or even letters for that matter. I'm talking about developing the prerequisite skills to writing and that's

Fine Motor Skills!

Writing in itself is a fine motor skill, but for a toddler is a bit toward the advanced side. The fine motor skills I want focus on are small movements made by the hand that gets them prepared to write those ABCs and 123s. Here are some of those skills that can get your mini-Shakesphere on their way.


A good start to get those fingers moving is folding. Just simply folding paper in half is enough to get those muscles moving in new ways.


Using stamps can get your toddler to start understanding the grasp that it takes to handle an utensil as well as the feel of a of the pressure needed yo make an impression paper.


Believe it or not, scribbling is a great way to work on fine motor skills. If your child is scribbling (on paper hopefully) it's a great sign.

Imitating Circular and/or straight Strokes

At some point that scribbling will graduate to more refined movements with writing utensils. You can help teach them to do so by showing the motions and guiding their hands in circular or straight strokes.

Using Toddler Tweezers

These are awesome to use to pick up pom poms or fabric scraps. Teaching toddler to preschool children to pinch an item between a tweezer builds small muscle memory.

The point of all these activities and more is to teach your two-year-old to develop these fine motor skills so when they get to the point of writing letters and numbers that it comes much easier for them!

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