15 Toys & Activities For Your Animal-Lover Child That Will Make Them Feel Like Little Zoologists!

By Kasha Allegra

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As mom of a 5-year-old who is wild about animals, I have recently been on the hunt for toys and games that support her interest. I like to get unique and informative animal toys for her, so that it keeps her engaged and has purpose for a long time.

Here are some animal-centered toys that children will go wild for!

Ochre Rabbit Richie Rattle

This soft rabbit baby rattle is a great first toy for little ones to shake about in the back of the car or during tummy time. Get it at the The Teaching Force Shop!

Animal Themed Baby Play & Crawling Mats

Get baby play & crawling mats that showcase animals and offer a nice design element in any room. A variety of animals are available including penguin, giraffe, tiger, deer, swan and much more. Buy one at the The Teaching Force Shop

Wooden Animal Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are great for toddler motor skills, they come in rabbit, duck, cow and sheep. Available at the The Teaching Force Shop

Plush Stuffed Animal Pillow

Theses plush stuffed animal pillows come in almost 20 different varieties. Whether it's the frog, the pig, elephant, hamster or any of the others you are bound to find the perfect stuffed pillow for your animal lover kiddo. See which you want to choose at The Teaching Force Shop!

Frog Potty Training Seat

The Frog potty training seat makes potty training fun, especially for your amphibian loving little one. Get it at The Teaching Force Shop!

Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

Although they are extinct, Dinosaurs were animals and if your preschooler is interested in dinosaurs then these toys offer an extra STEM element because they can be taken apart. Get it on Amazon!

Magnetic Fishing Game

A great game for the preschoolers becuase it teaches about animals as well as the alphabet. Get it on Amazon!

Zebra Shark Stuffed Toy

Perfect reviews for this realistic looking zebra shark stuffed toy. This is the favorite on the list for me! Get it on Amazon!

24-Piece Animal Playset

This play set is awesome for pretend play because it has a lot of the elements of a zoo plus an advent calendar. Snag it on Amazon.

Happy Penguin Plush Toy

Wild Republic does a good job at making unique animal stuffies. I like this one because I don't normally see penguins and it so cute! Buy at Amazon!

Realistic Animal Wooden Puzzle

Toddlers through Prekindergarten age can enjoy this wooden puzzle. This gives another realistic view of animals to help teach about them. Get it on Amazon!

Inflatable Bouncy Horse

Bouncy horses are adored by toddlers. This one has a soft feel, may make them feel like they are riding a real horse. Good reviews and Available on Amazon.

Melissa & Doug Barn Toy

This brings me back to the toys that I used to have with latches and snaps. A great fine motor toy that you can get at Amazon.

Animal Dollhouse

Small dollhouse set that comes with a bunny, dog, bird, and cat. Made out out of real wood and currently over 60% on Amazon.

Narwhal Coding Toy

Narwhals are one of my favorite animals, because they are basically real life unicorns! We love a STEM activity, so narwhals plus STEM is just everything. Get it on Amazon!

However you support the animal loving kiddo in your life just make sure that you do support their interest to your best ability.

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